I am proud to be a cranky cynic.

The more successful you become, 

the more people you will piss off.

Be true to yourself, 

do your homework.

If everything you do is truthful, 

don't worry about who you piss off.

I think for myself. I research all those silly internet memes and see how statements and statistics are taken out of context. That's why I ask people to please think, if only our problems were as simple as the Facebook memes tell us.

The world has access to much more information that previous generations. Sadly, we appear to understand less. Perhaps my own experiences taught me that tolerance, as well as hate, is something that we learn over time.

If cynical means I don't take anyone's word for anything without checking a few sources or getting a second opinion from someone I know, what's so wrong with that?

The Cranky Cynic

What do you hate most about technology?

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